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Homeopathy Treatment of Spine Pain

Treatment of Spine Pain

important remedies are given below for the treatment of spine pain:
•  Rhus Tox . – When pain is relieved by walking and worse at rest or at first motion.
•  Bryonia Alba . – When the pain is worse on every movement and better by absolute rest.
•  Hypericum   – Excellent remedy for nerve pain especially after surgery or injury.

•  Colocynthis-  Pain in the back is so severe that makes patient unable to walk or stand which finally settles down on the upper part of the thigh and buttock.
•  Kali crab . – Pain goes down the back of the legs.

•  Nux Vomica  Backache due to chill which aggravate in the morning and better from heat.
•  Arnica Mont.   – Acute pain after an injury along with sore bruised feeling.
•  Actea Racemosa  Pain in the muscles with intense restlessness and sleeplessness.