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Homeopathy Treatment of EYE ALLERGIC


Alerze Rhynities of Nose homeopathy medicine remedies
The following homoeopathic medicines are found to be very useful in treating
Allergic rhinitis.
Natrum mur .
Arsenic Album.
Allium Cepa.
Aralea racemosa.
Natrum Mur.
Arsenic album.
lead the homeopathic medicine table in treating allergic rhinitis. Both of them treat nearly all aspects of allergic rhinitis and are  most widely used homeopathic medicine for treating nasal allergy. Sabadilla is indicated in patients who are usually very sensitive to cold and smell; and even a least bit of exposure to cold air or strong smell can excite spasmodic sneezing and profuse watery discharge from nose. Allium Cepa and Aralea Racemosa are very useful in nasal allergies which occur in this weather. Aralea is also useful when nasal allergy in this weather is complicated with breathing problem. Two medicines that require a special mention in homeopathy are Galphima Glauca and Histaminum. Both of them have been lately introduced in homeopathy and have a wonderful role in treating the acute symptoms of allergic